Happy Birthday Alice Hoffman!

Fiction author — Alice Hoffman — has blessed the reading world with novel after novel.  Her most recent creation —The Dovekeepers — is a literary force, a tempest, a GIFT.

At the end of this incredible story she writes:1 The Dovekeepers

“Once in a lifetime a book may come to a writer as an unexpected gift. The Dovekeepers is such a book for me. It was a gift from great-great grandmothers, the women of ancient Israel who first spoke to me when I visited the mountain fortress of Masada.  In telling their story of loss and love, I’ve told my own story as well. After writing for thirty-five years, after more than thirty works of fiction, I was given the story I was meant to tell.”

As a writer, I got chills when I read this, knowing, sensing the truth of her words — of one’s life potential — to stay open, to receive, to tell the tale you were meant to transcribe — to share.

Happy Birthday Alice Hoffman and thank you for The Dovekeepers — the story you were meant to give the world.

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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alice Hoffman!

  1. Oh I loved The Dovekeepers too! One of those novels you lend to all your female friends! It symbolizes everything I most love about women’s fiction. Happy birthday Alice…keep writing! xxx

    • I loved it too, all those amazing similes and metaphors…Blessed. And the story, one of a kind. I look forward to her next book!

  2. Hi Stephanie! The Dovekeepers is on my nightstand to be read as soon as I finish The Red Gardens:) I’ve heard so many wonderful wonderful things about this book. I love the quote you shared from the end of the book, now, I’m even more excited to read it. If that is possible:) Thank you for being part of the hop!

  3. And I fell in love with “The Dovekeepers” all over again. I am trying hard not to just leave everything behind and go back to it. It was such a beautiful experience. I don’t think I will ever be able to explain how much this book means to me… how much it has taught me, showed me, made me feel… I do believe this is why I keep giving copies as gifts. The only way to understand is to submerge yourself in this brilliant story. It was certainly meant to be told and I am so glad that Alice Hoffman took the time to write it down.

    • Jessica- Likewise, I hope we each can foster the space for our story we are meant to tell, to manifest into. This is one of many reasons I practice yoga — yoga helps open that space and teaches us how to stay open, to welcome the Muse.

  4. The Dovekeepers was my first Alice Hoffman book and wow what a book to be introduced to an author by! It was a fantastic read for me and one which the story will remain with me and part of me forever.

  5. Stephanie–After reading your post, I had to get my copy of
    The Dovekeepers off the shelf to read that quote. Lo and behold, I had it flagged! I loved that book as well–what a story of courage and perseverance!
    I love your blog1

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