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This tile mural is accredited to the famous 18th century tile master,monogram PMP, whose life story has been lost to history, leaving open the portal for the historical novelist to imagine and create his? Or her story? Read on…

My forthcoming art-based historical novel is Cut From the Earth

In the Year of Our Lord 1755, Portuguese tile maker and Franciscan deacon, Pêro Manuel Pires, is dedicated to freeing slaves and hiring the freedmen to work in his tile factory, a commitment rife with problems. Pêro harbors a secret designer, whose ongoing innovations of the figura de convite, an invitation figure, keeps the shop’s works in demand by Lisbon’s elite and at odds with a fellow artisan colluding with a corrupt Jesuit priest. When a commission destined for the Amazon jungle must be painstakingly reworked, and an omen is disregarded, the shop plummets into further struggle.

Cut From the Earth, the story of a Portuguese tile maker who risks everything to save slaves during The Great Lisbon Earthquake.

Click below to read more about how the story came to be:

The Story Behind the Story CUT FROM THE EARTH

Conflict: How I came to Write CUT FROM THE EARTH

10 thoughts on “Historical Novel

  1. The story behind Cut From the Earth sounds mystic, DARING, and fascinating. My advice is you have shared enough. Finish the novel and please keep in contact. Let me know how things are working out with the publishing. At the very least, I would like to read the finished product.

    • Rhonda-

      I love fish too but poached, broiled, or baked is more conducive to productive writing! And I must confess “The Story Behind The Story” was fun to write, and at times I can’t believe the things that have happened to me—giving me much to write about. I am thrilled you are interested in the story: Cut From The Earth. And I will keep you posted as to how things progress with publishing. Plus, thank you for the advice to just finish up this rewrite (what #?…I have lost track) before I share more.

      I see you are an Independent Publisher? I’d love to hear more about this.

      Many Blessings in this New Year!


    • Hi Yvonne- Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking things out. Wonderful something here has inspired you! I am working hard to get my manuscript ready for the query process. It is nearly there, just on last pass over, before it goes into other peoples hands. Thank you for your best wishes and I wish you the same with your blog or website building and own writing. Be in touch! Best, Stephanie

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