Saraswati Writing & Yoga Retreat Brazil

“Breath in Yoga & Exhale the Muse”

Join Us in Brazil!

Registration is open for the week-long writing and yoga intensive, March 31-April 7, 2013, a retreat for writers with manuscripts-in-progress.   Get yourself out of the northern springtime chill and immerse yourself in your project — and in yoga — while steeped in the lush natural beauty and warm coastal calm of southern Brazil.

Relax. Expand. Write.

For more information visit my blog page “Writing & Yoga Retreat Brazil”

Please share this retreat information with others!  Namaste.

2010mayjune_web[1]As seen in the January/February 2013 issue of Poets & Wrtiers!


Writing & Yoga

Writing and Yoga are soul mates. Yoga reveals insights; Writing is the recorder. Yoga balances the rhythms of breath; Writing surfs breath through oceans of language. Yoga taps the unconscious mind; Writing transcribes the wisdom of the unconscious. Writing requires work; Yoga is the assistant. Writing is an offering to the world; Yoga eases the offering’s sacrifice. Writing is a solo act; Yoga provides community.